A Cup Holder Mounted Laptop Tray Saves Hundreds of Dollars

A Cup Holder Mounted Laptop Tray Saves Hundreds of Dollars

Range Govindan
Jul 14, 2009

By no means do we encourage you to use your laptop while driving, but there are a lot of people out there who need to use their laptops in their cars. From our recent research on these traveling office solutions, they can be quite expensive. We were quite surprised to see this great use of a cup holder that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

There are a lot of professionals out there who are using their vehicles as a base of operations. In effect, their cars become their mobile offices and it's important that they be as utilitarian as possible. With an unlimited budget, it's easy to customize your car to your needs, but what if your budget isn't unlimited and you want a great solution to use your laptop while you are traveling for business or for pleasure?

That's the dilemma that faced Mike Davis who built himself an in-vehicle laptop tray for his pickup truck for a tenth of the cost of the ones that are made commercially. His materials? PVC, plywood sheet, Velcro and spray paint.

Before you start getting worried, Mike assures us that he only uses the tray while he is stopped. You know that it's illegal to do so otherwise, right? Mike tells us that it's perfect to use during sales and a lot more convenient than trying to balance a laptop on your lap or your armrest.

It took him an afternoon and $30 to make this. That's a tenth of what commercially available trays cost. He basically had to assemble some PVC tubing and mount a tray. His step-by-step guide tells you how, but it's pretty straightforward. Remember that each car is different, so the amount and the way that you assemble the PVC tubing might change slightly. [via Make, top image by Ram Mount, other photos by Mike Davis]

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